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All our laundry services are designed to make life easier for our customers. You can choose to come in and use our full range of machines and dryers (including extra-large ones) or we can do your washing for you – even collecting and delivering your laundry to your doorstep FREE of charge.

Our large machines hold up to 20kilos (40lbs) of washing – so are ideal for big family loads or large items such as duvets. We also have extra-large dryers for your convenience. 
The Laundry room has plenty of seating for those doing self-service washing, as well as soap available to purchase.

Self-service laundrettes
Our self-service coin operated launderette is open 7 days a week, fully attended, with coins and powder available from our "Laundry Shop".

Come and do your own washing and drying using a self-service coin-operated washing machines and tumble dryers. We have large selection of machines available in different sizes to cater for your needs. 

The cost of drying your clothes in a tumble dryer varies considerably. Allow around £2-£3 extra to dry a standard load. The last coin-op (self-service) wash is normally 45-60 minutes before closing time.

Service washes- "Drop & Go"
A very popular service – drop in your bag of washing and we’ll wash, dry, fold and put back in the bag. Our service wash option allows you to get on with your busy life while your washing gets done for you. This service includes: Wash, Dry and Fold (Powder included).

  • Quality Cleaning & Pressing - Modern large volume industrial cleaning & pressing equipment. 
  • Consistency - The same great service again and again. 
  • Dedicated Staff - For prompt responses to your requirements and queries. 
  • Speed - Rapid same day turnaround, 7 days a week. 
  • Bespoke Business Laundry - We do our upmost to tailor make our services to fit your business needs.